Academic Info for Graduate Students

HWR Academic Advising Resources


Contact Olivia Hanson, Academic Advisor, for assistance with all academic advising and degree program issues.
Olivia Hanson
Campus:  J.W. Harshbarger Building, Room 226
Office Hours:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F
Students:  By Appointment AM
Students:  Walk-In Hours PM
Lunch:  12:00 PM to 1:00 PM unless noted otherwise


Advising Meetings


  • Links to typical advising topics such as Academic Probation and Disqualification, Computer Lab Account and Email Registration, Continuous Enrollment Requirement (continuing student status), Good Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress, Leave of Absence, New Student Orientation (see below), New Student advising, Office Assignment and Key Requests, pre-registration (pre-semester enrollment) for new and continuing students, and student health and well-being


  • NOTE:  We encourage you to review the processes and/or policies about a topic prior to your scheduled meeting so that you can discuss your questions and concerns with your advisor.




  • Links to the Alumni Network, Careers and Professional Development webpage, Optional Practical Training (OPT), Postdoctoral Appointment at the UA, and Postdoctoral Resources webpage


Catalog and Policies


  • Links to policies and processes regarding Continuous Enrollment Requirement, Enrollment During Semester Degree Granted (Semester of Completion), Good Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress, the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate Petition process, the Graduate Policies Index, Leave of Absence, Minimum Enrollment (departmental and Graduate College standards), Minimum Enrollment International Students (Visa holders), requirements for Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (Graduate College)




  • Links to course requirements for graduate majors and minor, list and policies for satisfying undergraduate deficiency courses, Teacher-Course Evaluation forms (TCE forms), quick reference for "units" requirements for MS, PHD, Majors, Minors, and Primary Faculty Courses


Degree Programs


  • Links to to academic progress policy, change of major or degree program process, degree requirements for all graduate majors and minor, good standing status; time lines and academic benchmarks for completion of degrees, and thesis or dissertation topic proposal submission


Degree Program Completion and Graduation


  • Links to a checklist for ending your academic residency and completing degree requirements (department), a checklist for MS and PHD degree completion (Graduate College), exam policies for major and minor, committee membership rules for exams, degree certification deadlines, transfer credit, first steps to degree completion, exams for MS and PHD hydrology, exams for the PHD doctoral minor, exams for MS and PHD terrestrial hydrometeorology, department audit of Plan of Study, professional development requirement, publication options, revising Plan of Study, seminar presentation or course requirement (MS) and seminar presentation requirements (PHD), Wednesday Weekly Colloquiuim enrollment requirement, and keeping your UA CatMail Email Account


Faculty Advisor


  • Links to annual academic progress reporting to department, academic benchmarks, Change of Advisor policy and form, committee membership for graduate college exams, initial assignment of interim advisor, list of Primary HWR Faculty Members, Good Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress definitions and policies, and Probation and Academic Disqualification policies and procedures


Graduate College & College of Science


  • Links to Dean's offices, Graduate Degree Certification office, graduation deadlines, Financial Aid and Scholarship resources, Grad Funding Newsletters, Manual for electronic submission of theses and dissertation, College of Science Pre-Commencement Ceremony, University Commencement Ceremony


New Graduate Student Orientation


  • Links to new student orientation with the academic advisor, "Parade of Stars" at the Wednesday Weekly Colloquium, and other important meetings and sessions


Professional Development Activities


  • Links to MS and PHD seminar presentation requirements, research requirement (all majors), and Weekly Colloquium Enrollment Requirement for MS and PHD Hydrology programs