Thomas Meixner

Thomas Meixner

Research Areas of Interest:

Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry hydro logic controls on water quality, GIS, remote sens ing, hydrochemical modeling, atmospheric chem istry, aqueous geochemistry, water quality mod eling, sensitivity analysis, automatic parame ter estimation, semi arid hydrology, riparian sus tainability, climate change impacts on water re sources, and multi -criteria analysis.

Specifics: The intersection of hydrology and biogeochemistry, particularly how hydrologic processes play a fundamental part in controlling biogeochemical processes and fluxes at the catchment scale. Research efforts range from field investigations designed to understand controls at a mechanistic and process level to modeling studies focused on forecasting biogeochemical and water quality conditions at the catchment to basin scale, particularly in developing model calibration and uncertainty techniques that can coexist with multi-dimensional yet sparse data. Research efforts have spanned environments as diverse as desert scrub and alpine ecosystems and from scales of single soil profiles to 10,000 square kilometer catchments.

Professional Societies and Affiliations:

Member, American Geophysical Union
Member, American Meteoro logical Society
Member, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
Member, American Society for the Advance ment of Science
Member, American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Member, American Water Resources Association
Member, National Groundwater Association
Member, Soil Science So ciety of America


HWRS 413A-513A Field Hydrology (Spring, Co-Instructor with Ferre)
HWRS 417A-517A Fundamentals of Water Quality (Fall)
HWRS 570 Computer Simulation of Water Quality Processes (Spring, Odd-Numbered Years)
HWRS 695A Weekly Colloquium (Fall Coordinator)
HWRS 696B Advanced Topics in Hydrology-Biogeochemistry Interactions (Spring, Alternating Instructor with Brooks and McIntosh)

Selected Publications:

Ajami, H, T Meixner, T Maddock III, JF Hogan, and PD Guertin (2011, in press) RIPGIS-NET: A GIS Tool for Riparian Groundwater Evapotranspiration in MODFLOW, Ground Water.

Ajami, H, T Meixner, T Maddock III, JF Hogan, P.D. Guertin, (2011) Impact of Land Surface Elevation and Riparian Evapotranspiration Seasonality on Groundwater Budget in MODFLOW Models, Hydrogeology.

Ajami, H., P. A. Troch, T. Maddock III, T. Meixner, and C. J. Eastoe (2011 in press) Quantifying mountain block recharge by means of catchment-scale storage-discharge relationships Water Resour. Res., doi:10.1029/2010WR009598.

Li XY, Miller AE, Meixner T, Schimel JP, Melack JM , Sickman JO, 2010Adding an empirical factor to better represent the rewetting pulse mechanism in a soil biogeochemical model. Geoderma 159: 440-451.

Fenn ME, Allen EB, Weiss SB, Jovan S, Geiser LH, Tonnesen GS, Johnson RF, Rao LE, Gimeno BS, Yuan F, Meixner T, Bytnerowicz A, 2010, Nitrogen critical loads and management alternatives for N-impacted ecosystems in California, Journal of Environmental Management 91: 2404-2423.

Rao, L.E., E.B. Allen, and T. Meixner. 2010. Risk-based determination of critical nitrogen deposition loads for fire spread in southern California deserts. Ecological Applications 20:1320-1335.

Valeron, B and T. Meixner. 2010. Overland flow generation in chaparral ecosystems: temporal and spatial variability Hydrological Processes: 24(1), pp 65-75.

K. A. Lohse, P. D. Brooks, J. C. McIntosh, T. Meixner and T. E. Huxman. Interaction between biogeochemistry and hydrologic systems. Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 34, 65-96, 2009.

S.Treese, T.Meixner, J.F.Hogan. Clogging of an effluent dominated semi-arid river: a conceptual model of stream-aquifer interactions. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 45(4), pp. 1047-1062 ,2009.

A.E.Miller, J.P.Schimel, J.O.Sickman, K.Skeen, T.Meixner and J.M.Melack. Seasonal varia-tion in nitrogen uptake and turnover in two high-elevation soils: mineralization responses are site-dependent. Biogeochemistry 93, 253-270, 2009.

H.Y. Jung, T.S. Hogue, L. K. Rademacher, and T. Meixner. Impact of wildfire on source water contributions in Devil Creek, CA: Evidence from end-member mixing analysis. Hydrological Processes, 23(2), 183-200,2009.

N. P. Molotch, T. Meixner, and M. W. Williams. Estimating stream chemistry during the snowmelt pulse using a spatially distributed, coupled snowmelt and hydrochemical modelling approach. Water Resources Research, 44(11), W11429, 2008.

M. E. Fenn, S. Jovan, F. Yuan, L. Geiser, T. Meixner, B. S. Gimeno. Empirical and simulated critical loads for nitrogen deposition in California mixed conifer forests. Environmental Pollution 155(3), 492-511, 2008.

Comprehensive List of Publications:
Professor, HWR; Associate Department Head, HWR; Director of Graduate Studies, HWR
Ph.D. Hydrology 1999, The University of Arizona
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(520) 626-1532
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