W.J. "Jim" Shuttleworth

W.J. "Jim" Shuttleworth

Research Areas of Interest:

Primary research interests are in physical processes in hydrology, with emphasis on evaporation and hydrometeorology as applied to environmental change at local, regional, and global scales, the application of remote sensing methods within hydrology, improving weather and climate prediction, and the micrometeorology of natural and agricultural vegetation, including improving estimates of irrigated crop water requirements.

Dr. Shuttleworth has served on numerous national and international scientific advisory committees, including the National Research Council, the International Council of Scientific Unions, the international Hydrology Programme, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, and the World Climate Research Programme.

In 2001 Dr. Shuttleworth was awarded the AGU Hydrology Prize for "Outstanding contributions to the science of hydrology" and in 2006 IAHS, UNESCO and WMO jointly awarded Dr. Shuttleworth the prestigious International Hydrology Prize in recognition of his "innovative, international leadership over more than thirty years, contributing to the growth of hydrology into a major discipline of earth system science." In Fall 2011, he presented the Walter B. Langbein Lecture at the American Geophysical Union's annual fall meeting in San Francisco. A video of the lecture can be viewed at the Hydroinnova website here.

Dr. Shuttleworth has just published a new book for hydrologists and meteorologists which deals with the transfer of water and energy across the land-atmosphere interface. Terrestrial Hydrometeorology is now available through Wiley-Blackwell and other outlets.

Professional Societies and Affiliations:

Fellow, American Geophysical Union
Fellow, American Meteorological Society
Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society
Life Member, British Hydrological Society
Life Member, European Geophysical Society


  • HWRS 524 Hydroclimatology (Spring)
  • HWRS 696A Practical and Applied Hydrometeorology (Spring, as-needed basis, Co-Instructor with Papuga et al.)
  • Regents Professor, HWR; Joint Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
    D.Sc., Manchester University, Manchester, UK, 1993; Ph.D. in High Energy Nuclear Physics, Manchester University, Manchester, UK 1971
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