How to Apply to an Undergraduate Major or Minor Program

Interested in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (EHY)?  We would be pleased to talk with you!
Contact Dr. Martha Whitaker, HWR Undergraduate Coordinator, at or 520-621-9715 at any time* during the semester for assistance with:


  • Completing the Bachelor of Science degree in EHY
  • Completing the Accelerated Master's Program, Joint Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in EHY and Hydrology
  • Declaring a Second Major in EHY
  • Declaring one of the Undergraduate Minors in EHY:  General Hydrology, Geohydrology, or Water Resources
  • Careers in Hydrology and Water Resources


You can read more about the Undergraduate Admissions process at these websites:



*We have no restrictions for prospective or current students about when you can arrange an appointment with the Undergraduate Coordinator.  All inquiries are welcome prior to, during, or after the official pre-registration period.  If you are currently on academic probation, we consider requests for a change of major (or adding a second major or a minor) on a case-by-case basis.  We will offer the best advice that we can and do our best to help you succeed in your academic endeavors.




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